Dresses to Pair With Kentucky Derby Hat

  • When I think of the Kentucky Derby, I think of big hats, mint juleps, and dresses with full skirts—but sometimes it’s fun to change things up. This AMAZING blue floral body-con number would be perfect. Not only is it Derby-appropriate, but it would also work for any other party this season.



  • I thought that the high-low trend was out, but then I saw this printed dress from ASOS. It’s undeniably gorgeous! Its asymmetric hem is subtle yet adds a fun element to the otherwise sophisticated style.

image1xxl (1)image2xxl (1)image3xxl (1)image4xxl (1)


  • My favorite summer trend—the crop top—has transformed into a dress, and I’m not mad about it. This breezy pastel number is so stunning, your fellow Derby fans won’t know what hit them.

b3image2xxl (2)image3xxl (2)image4xxl (2)


  • Since I couldn’t find a stylish dress with a horse on it, this bird-print number will just have to do. It’s subtle yet bold and features unexpected details including a strappy neckline and a flirty hem.

image1xxl (2)image2xxl (3)image3xxl (3)image4xxl (3)

One Comment Add yours

  1. Caylie Barnett says:

    Such classy, feminine picks!



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