Workout Outfits – Does Size Matter?

You wake up and decide you want to start working out. Before you start breaking precious Nista sweat, you need to find an outfit. Workout attire is sometimes hard to find when you have curves. Then, when you finally find something, the designs put you directly to sleep. So, does size matter, when it comes to finding workout outfits? Absolutely not! Nistas are Nistas, no matter the size and we’re running all over those boring workout pieces!

A great place to find cute workout attire, with extended sizes is Kohl’s. They carry a selection of fitness sports bras, tanks and t-shirts. The products are budget friendly and of good quality. If you don’t want to wait for shipping, you can conveniently locate the particular item you would like, that is in stock at the closest store to you. To check to see if a product is available in a store near you, click “Find in Store” when you are on the product’s page. Pay online, waltz in, pick up your items, and go start those pushups! First, try the pieces on before you leave the store, then start those pushups! Check out the following workout products, that are currently on sale from Kohl’s.

Woodgrain Heather

Plus Size FILA SPORT V-Neck Gradient Workout Tee – $19.60

Pictured Color: Woodgrain Heather

Dream It Orange

Plus Size Tek Gear® Scoop Neck Racerback Yoga – $7.20

 Pictured Color: Dream It Orange

Black Pink Burst

Plus Size FILA SPORT Color Block Capri Leggings – $29.99

Pictured Color: Black Pink Burst

Torrid is another great company that offers workout attire, to fit curvy women. Their designs are comfortable with the perfect amount of fit. Their pieces range in style from glamorous to edgy, allowing you to show your personality with every stretch, bend or lift. They have great product reviews from their loyal customers, which adds a piece of mind when ordering for the first time. Take a look at some of theworkout pieces from Torrid.

Torrid Active Strappy Front Sports Bra

Torrid Active Strappy Front Sports Bra -$28.87

Torrid Active Skull Tee - $26

 Torrid Active Skull Tee – $26.17

Torrid Active Space Dye Multi Strap Bralette - $29

Torrid Active Space Dye Multi Strap Bralette – $29.17

Torrid Active Mesh Inset V-Neck Tee - $24

Torrid Active Mesh Inset V-Neck Tee – $24.36

Torrid Active  Floral Print Mesh Cropped Leggings - $41.jpg

Torrid Active  Floral Print Mesh Cropped Leggings – $41.17

Fabletics is a newer company that offers fitness attire for a range of sizes, also. Their pieces range from XXS (0-2) to size XXL (18-20). They also offer their products in sets, so you don’t have to dig for a matching top, to your workout bottoms! Another great thing about Fabletics, is they tailor your sets to your particular body shape and size. When you first sign up, you are presented with a fun quiz. The quiz will ask questions, directly related to your workout habits and body type. Once you complete the quiz, you are presented with different workout sets, to choose from. You can also change your size, as your body transforms, which is motivation to get serious about your workout! As a recommendation, when you first order a set and it does not fit your needs, take note and update your size smaller or larger, so that you are completely comfortable before working out in the items.

Fabletics Provence Capri - $44.jpg

 Fabletics Provence Capri – $44.95

Fabletics Rachel Tee - $29.jpg

Fabletics Rachel Tee – $29.95

Fabletics Salar Crop - $44

Fabletics Salar Crop – $44.95

When purchasing your workout attire don’t sacrifice the quality, only because you know you will look Nista fit in the outfit. This will cause problems for you in the long run, and will prevent your ability to workout comfortably. When shopping, consider pieces such as high waisted yoga pants, leggings or capris to keep you secure, while you’re exercising. If you want extra security, try a sports bra, along with a performance t-shirt. Be sure that the fabric of the items you may choose are moisture absorbing, if you plan on high intensity workouts, versus a low-impact exercise, such as yoga. This way, your pieces will keep you drier and allow breathability, for a flexible workout. In all, size does not matter, when it comes to workout clothes. It’s about finding products from brands and companies that offer quality workout wear in the correct size and are visually up to Nista standards!

Author: Jessica Ross

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